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If you’re one of those people who don’t travel to São Paulo because you think the Metropolis doesn’t have much more than a Jungle of Stones to explore, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city and venture into one of the states that is

Full of of fantastic tourist destinations to visit and in today’s video I’m going to show you several of these destinations for a day trip from the capital of São Paulo you’re on the channel with the best travel tips on YouTube and then let’s explore the state of São Paulo [Music]

If you are looking for a beach, the city of Santos is very close to the capital of São Paulo, approximately 59 km. some programs that cannot be missed and one of them is to walk along the largest beach garden in the world along 7 km you can

Enjoy huge grassy areas with flowerbeds palm trees great variety bushes, fountains, bike path and small square with benches for a break in the walk and all this not to mention the beach that can be seen all the time [Music] still among São Paulo’s beach destinations Guarujá is famous for having an extensive

Electoral list the destination has exuberant natural beauties great beaches and marque is usually very suitable for swimming [Music] [Applause] nicknamed the pearl of the Atlantic the city is only 97 km from the capital of São Paulo Now if you enjoy a destination that brings together waterfalls green areas and beautiful beaches You won’t regret taking a day trip to Ilha Bela The place is a true paradise in the State of São Paulo, perfect for relaxing and renewing your energies [Music]

Ubatuba is a delight for the eyes located at the final limit of the State of São Paulo Paulo with Rio de Janeiro, the destination Praiano has approximately 105 beaches and all types and for all tastes about 223 km from the capital of São Paulo the place attracts many people

Who want to pass Going on the weekend or simply going on a day trip to the beach [Music] another very popular destination in São Paulo is Holambra The City of Flowers and there is no better phrase than that to define the city that is about 130 km from the beach. São Paulo capital

In the micro-region of Campinas After all Holambra lives from Flowers the city is rich in culture with Dutch influences by the way that’s where the Povos Unidos mill is located, a faithful copy of the traditional Dutch mills visiting the city of Holambra is like being outside of Brazil [Music]

[Music] for those looking for a Destination beyond Instagram Marvel Cunha has a famous laundrette the municipality has an incredible field of purple flowers without a doubt it is a trip beyond different and that will guarantee other clicks [Music] [Applause] for those who loves extreme sports it is worth visiting the municipality

Of Socorro it is no wonder that the destination is one of the main adventure destinations in Brazil the city of Socorro is only 130 km from the capital of São Paulo [Music] o Maria Fumaça ride through the city of Campinas to Jaguariúna is one

Of the best train rides to be done in the region, especially with children the 3 and a half hour trip has two stops at the tanquinho station and at the Jaguariúna station [Music] in addition to in each car a monitor explains the important places where the locomotive passes [Music]

Campos de Jordão is a perfect place for a weekend with the family or even for two by the way The place is one of the best romantic destinations for couples although a lot of people prefer to go only in winter the place has good references at all times

Of the year for those who want to enjoy good gastronomy you will have several options of german and italian cuisine a lot of pasta sophisticated restaurants delicious fondue and you can even visit several chocolate factories in the city [Music ]

[Music] it can be said that Monte Verde is Campos do Jordão mineira has a charming climate beyond pleasant and also a little rustic is the destination i Deal for a romantic day trip as it cools down with a glass of wine, beautiful views and a fireplace to warm up the tip

Be aware of city events such as the Winter Festival, the gastronomic festival and the Christmas festival After all, Monte Verde has the famous unmissable Christmas in the mountains [ Music] for having many companies that perform parachute jumps [Music] But did you know that it is also possible to take a balloon flight there ? 33 km from the capital of São Paulo, this charming city was born from the work of a Jesuit missionary around 1554, it did not take long for Embu das Artes to be recognized as

The land of Artists the arts and crafts fair is the fault of several streets in the city and the fair deserves attention which has already completed 50 years of existence, has had some exhibitors since its beginnings , crafts of all kinds, demolition furniture, antique ceramics, paintings, jewelry and much

More, you will find there If you are a great lover of good wines, you will love to visit São Roque the municipality is known as the land of wine with more than 30 establishments that are divided into three roads located just 54 km from the capital of São Paulo the that rides in a park

Is one of the unmissable attractions of the city with slopes says that cable car and toboggans adventure and fun Are guaranteed And then which of these destinations hits you the most Are you excited to do it in São Paulo Comment below and if this video helped you at all

Somehow leave your like subscribe to the channel because here every week there’s a brand new video especially for you to enjoy and do a marathon on the channel watching these other videos there a big hug and until the next video bye bye [Music]

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