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Brazil, for a long time I underestimated you. I underestimated its beaches , its reliefs , its unique landscapes and its history. And much more! And today, after traveling around our country for 9 months with my family,

I say with a twinkle in my eye that our Brazil is incredible! And there’s a lot for us to explore. In the year 2022, we started our trip around the world through Brazil and visited almost 50 destinations, from 10 different states in our country. In this video, we’ll give you 10 suggestions for

Trips and destinations for you to explore in 2023. All this with tips on places to visit, prices and also tips on possible day trips. Starting with Jalapão. This was undoubtedly one of the most unique destinations we visited in Brazil this year.

A lot of people get confused, but Jalapão is not a specific place, but a giant state park located in Tocantins, and has several attractions to visit. From “fervedouros” to dunes and waterfalls. In addition to the attractions, you can be sure that you will meet very hospitable people, you will eat delicious food,

And you will also see incredible sunsets. The best time to visit Jalapão is during the dry season, which runs from May to September. But you can visit the region all year round. Between October and April, the rains happen more, and their peak is between the months of December and February.

The most recommended months to go to Jalapão are the months of May, June and July. To get to know Jalapão, it is highly recommended that you hire an agency, because the journeys are long, tiring and most of the roads are very bad and

Poorly signposted. We did a 5-day and 4-night itinerary with Nativos Jalapão, and we are going to tell you right away that we HIGHLY recommend signing a package with them. They are rated full marks (5/5) on both Google Maps and TripAdvisor. The total price of the package without the flight cost R$ 2,999.00 per

Person in double rooms, including all meals, accommodation, entry to all attractions, guide and transportation. The starting point for Jalapão is the capital of Tocantins, Palmas. If you have the opportunity, stay at least one day in the city, which is the youngest capital in Brazil,

Where you can visit places like the Araguaia Palace, the geodesic center of Brazil, the Memorial Coluna Prestes, the square of sunflowers, which is the largest urban square in the world and Ilha do Canela, an artificial island located in the middle of the Tocantins River.

On the way back from Jalapão, we stayed in Palmas at the HPlus Premium, rated 8.9/10 on booking About the attractions of Jalapão itself, in the 5 days we stayed, we got to know a lot! Check out all the places we visited on this expedition:

There were 8 “fervedouros” in total, one more beautiful than the other. Fervedouro Bela Vista Fervedouro Alecrim Fervedouro Buritizinho Fervedouro Buritis Fervedouro Encontro das Águas Fervedouro Jatobá Fervedouro Rio Sono Fervedouro And Macaúbas Fervedouro In addition to the fervedouros we know, other places such as: Cachoeira do Formiga The Enchanted Park Dunes of Jalapão

Serra da Catedral Canyon Sussuapara Prainha do Rio Novo Pedra Furada And Lagoa do Japonês. And just to finalize on Jalapão, many people don’t know what the “fervedouros” are, so I’ll try to briefly explain it here: The “Fervedouros” are like springs, but they are underground river springs, and as

There is no space for the water to flow when they arrive at the surface, they form natural pools on the surface with waters of that color that we are showing you. As the water reaches the surface with a lot of pressure,

It is impossible to sink in the “fervedouros”, and believe me, we tried many times! The layer of sand is very thin, and then when the water breaks the resistance of the soil and reaches the surface, it looks like it is boiling, hence the name of “fervedouruos” (boilers).

The name of this phenomenon is resurgence. The feeling we had is like we were walking on clouds. And a lot of people ask if the water is hot, but it’s not! The water has a pleasant temperature but it’s not as hot as some people think, but it’s not

Cold either. Another cool thing is that all “fervedouros” have different characteristics, some have bluer water, others have more cloudy water, some have high water pressure, others have lower pressure, some are very large, others are smaller.

So, as much as they are all boiled down, each one is unique and you will hardly get bored of entering them. Leaving Tocantins, we head to the south of Brazil, more precisely to Serra Gaúcha. We met 3 destinations there, which we recommend to anyone who likes

Architecture and especially enjoys eating and drinking well. Starting with the Gramado and Canela combo, these two are the 2 most famous destinations in Rio Grande do Sul and one of the favorite winter destinations for Brazilians. Gramado and Canela are full of attractions to discover, there are many and for all ages.

May attencion to everything we explored there: The Stone Cathedral The covered street The Ethnicity Square The Avenida Borges de Medeiros The crooked street The Parish Cathedral of São Pedro and its statues The Fountain of Love The Black Lake The MiniMundo Alpen Park The Garden do Amor e Selfie Gramado Le Jardin Chocolate Museum

And Caracol Park where the Avencal Waterfall is located Also enjoy Gramado and Canela to eat at at least one fondue house, a trattoria and a “galeteria”. About 2 hours away is Bento Gonçalves. The city of Bento and its neighbors are a paradise for wine lovers, there are

More than 50 wineries there, and many of them you can take guided tours with tasting included. There in the Valley of the Vineyards and nearby, we visited attractions such as the Vinicola Familia Geisse, famous for its sparkling wines, the Almaunica Winery, which has this entrance in the style of those valleys

In Tuscany, the Caminhos de Pedra, a 12km road that takes you through several attractions that preserve much of the history, culture and architecture of the Italian immigrants in the region and the Salton Winery, which has its headquarters in a place that resembles a palace because of how beautiful and majestic it is.

The third place on the list is Lençóis Maranhenses Lençóis is undoubtedly one of the most incredible landscapes in the world. The combination of sand and water that forms in an area of ​​more than 155,000 square km is impressive and definitely worth being on your travel wish list of a lifetime.

The best time to go to Lençóis is between June and September, when the lakes are full and the risk of rain is low. It is possible to visit the sheets at other times, as there are some permanent lakes, but to make the most of what the region has to offer,

It is suggested to travel between the dates I mentioned. The airport that makes it easier to reach Lençóis is São Luís do Maranhão airport. If you have the opportunity, we also recommend getting to know São Luís a little. There you can visit attractions

Such as the Palace of the Lions, Rua do Giz, Rua Portugal and the Palace of La Ravardiére. About Lençóis, there are 3 bases to discover the National Park and each one has its peculiarities. Santo Amaro is the closest to the national park and currently has

Less infrastructure of restaurants and inns, there you can take tours like Circuito Betânia. Barreirinhas is the most commercial base, which has the most options for tours, restaurants and inns, but it is the least charming base of all and where the national park is furthest away.

It is from there that some of the best known and crowded tours leave, such as the Lagoa Azul Circuit, the Lagoa Bonita Circuit, the flight and the Mirar das Estrelas. Atins is the most charming base,

With great restaurants and inns, but it is also the most expensive and most difficult to reach. There you can see many people on the beach practicing wind surfing and taking tours like Circuito Lagoa Tropical. Regardless of the base you choose for your trip to Lençóis, make the most of the lagoons which

, in addition to having beautiful green and blue waters, have excellent temperatures for bathing and depth. for all tastes. And also from the lagoons, there you will have the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful sunsets of your life! I love watching the sunset, I was delighted with everyone I saw there.

And our next travel suggestion goes through 3 states and is one of the most historic routes in Brazil We are talking about the Caminho Velho royal road, which was the first route opened by the Portuguese Crown to transport gold from the region of Minas Gerais to the coast of Rio de Janeiro

Opened in the 18th century, the road is about 710km long and passes through several beautiful cities in Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. You can start at either end of the route, but I’ll show you here in the direction from Minas to Rio de Janeiro, as the altitude of this route

Decreases until the final destination, and it’s more recommended, especially for those who want to make this trip on foot or by bike. We started the route through Ouro Preto in Minas Gerais. The city combines an immense variety of colonial houses and baroque churches, all surrounded by a beautiful mountain range.

Some points of interest are: Tiradentes square. The Inconfidencia Mineira museum. The Church of Nossa Senhora do Pilar. The House of Tales Museum. The Soapstone Handicraft Fair. The Church of San Francisco de Assis. In addition to these mentioned places, there is much more to

See in the city, and the coolest thing about the city is to walk around the historic center and get lost in the streets full of colonial houses and baroque churches. From Ouro Preto, it is possible to take an one day trip to Mariana, where you can visit Minas de Passagem, one of the

Largest mines of the gold cycle that is open for visitation and also the famous twin churches. The next destination on our Estrada Real-Caminho Velho route is Tiradentes. On the way there from Ouro Preto, you can stop in Congonhas, where the Basilica of Senhor Bom Jesus de Matosinhos

And the Twelve Prophets are located. The exterior works are considered Master Aleijadinho’s masterpieces, and also of the Baroque style worldwide. Now speaking of Tiradentes, it is not considered one of the most charming cities in Brazil by chance. The colonial houses are very well preserved, the stone streets and Morro São José complement the

Landscape. The city is also considered one of the best places to eat in Brazil. Some famous attractions there are: The Igreja Matriz Santo Antônio. The Fountain of San José. The Maria Fumaça Ride to São João del Rey. The return trip to Bichicho to visit the ateliers and Casa Torta. Straight Street.

Our Lady of the Rosary Church. And the Largo das Forras. Leaving Tiradentes, about 6 hours away, we also pass through the city of Cunha, which is in the state of São Paulo. The city is mostly known for its beautiful lavender fields.

And to end the Estrada Real Caminho Velho road on a high note, head to Paraty. Paraty is a place that combines beautiful beaches, lots of nature, and a historic center as well preserved as Tiradentes. There we took tours together with Paraty Tours, such as: Tour through the Historic Center of Paraty,

One of the most beautiful in Brazil. The route through Saco do Mamanguá. And the Lagoa Azul route, which passes through several beaches that are scattered in the region, one more beautiful than the other. Another trip we recommend you take in 2023 is to visit Florianópolis.

The island of magic has countless options for beaches, trails, charming neighborhoods and attractions for you to discover Despite the heaviest traffic, we think that the best periods to visit Floripa are in the summer, as it is better to go hiking, the beaches are better to enter on the water,

And the nightlife gets busier. If you want to avoid the city being so crowded, two great times are from late November to early December, and after Carnival, around March and April, excluding the holidays. Here are some attractions spread around the city that you can visit: Lagoinha do Leste. Campeche Island. Campeche beach.

Joaquina beach Joaquina dunes. The Conceição Lagoon. The Santo Antônio de Lisboa neighborhood. The iconic Hercílio Luz Bridge. The “Beira-Mar” The Ribeirão da Ilha neighborhood. Mole Beach. Gravatá beach. The “Costa da Lagoa” The Daniela Beach The Francês Island The natural pools of Barra da Lagoa. The Jurerê neighborhood Among many other attractions.

We made a very complete video about Florianópolis, if you want to see more just watch after this video, the link in the description If you want to explore more of the region, near Floripa you can also visit other destinations such as Balneário Camboriú, Bombinhas, Praia do Rosa , the Beto Carrero theme park,

And if you go in winter, you can even go to Urubici, one of the best destinations in the winter mountains of Brazil. Alter is a village that belongs to the city of Santarém, which is in the state of Pará. If this destination is not yet on your travel wish list,

I’m sure that after these images it will be. Alter has already been considered by several important communication vehicles as one of the 10 most beautiful beach destinations in Brazil, and after having known the place personally, I can say that I agree.

We found there, freshwater beaches with white sand, an incredible variety of fauna and flora, and very different experiences entering the Amazon jungle. There is a destination that depending on the season the landscape changes a lot! The volume of rainfall completely changes the volume of rivers.

The best time to see the beaches is the so-called Amazonian summer, which runs from August to December. The height of the drought is the month of November. It is possible during this period to go to Ilha do Amor, the best known beach in Alter, without needing a boat.

The trip to the main attractions of Alter is done mostly by boat. Our tours there were all made with the indigenous Pitó, and each itinerary contemplated several famous attractions there, one more incredible than the other. The first tour we took was the Lago Verde and Pindobal route.

We started by getting to know the Camarão Forest, where Pitó showed us several curiosities about the forest, such as the use of ants as a repellent, the extraction of latex, the manufacture of “teçumes” with the carving of a type of palm tree, among other things.

Then we went to Floresta Encantada, Pindobal beach, passing by some beautiful beaches and lagoons such as Lagoa do Jurucuí, Ponta do Caxambu until we ended the day at the fantastic Ponta do Muretá. The second tour we took went to the Tapajós National Forest, where we saw the giant

Kapok, passed by Ponta do Maguari and then saw the sunset at Ponta do Cajutuba. The third tour, we went to Canal do Jari, there we did the trail of sloths first, where we saw many monkeys, and then we went to Dona Dulce’s royal water farm,

Finally we visited Lago Negro de Taparí and Ponta beach of Stones. The last tour we took was the Route along the Arapiuns River, This tour passes through several points and beautiful beaches with Ponta Icuxí, Ponta Grande, Caracaraí, among others.

One is more beautiful than the other, and the size of the spikes on the day we went was unreal, some were over 500 meters long. The sunset on this day was at Ponta do Cururu. Also be sure to spend a day relaxing on Ilha do Amor, the most famous beach in Alter,

Which has several stalls, restaurants, and facilities for you to spend the whole day there. At the end of Ilha do Amor, you can take the Serra da Piraoca trail, which has a very beautiful panoramic view of that part of Alter. If you want to reconcile your trip to Alter with another

Destination in Pará, you can visit the capital Belém, which has cool attractions such as the Forte do Presépio, the Ver-o-Peso Market and the Basilica Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora de Nazaré, as well as the Ilha de Marajó, the largest maritime fluvial island in the world, famous for its large amount of

Of buffaloes, and beautiful beaches such as Praia do Pesqueiro and Praia da Barra Velha. Another place that you have to put on your list is the paradise called Fernando de Noronha. Fernando de Noronha is an archipelago located approximately 350 km from the Brazilian coast and belongs to the state of Pernambuco.

Despite being expensive, in our opinion, Noronha is one of the most beautiful destinations with the best energy in the world. Going to Noronha is a dream of many people, and it is a trip that you need to plan in

Advance to be able to enjoy the most of this paradise and also not to spend a fortune. That’s why we’re going to leave here on the card a complete guide with several tips for planning your trip there. Noronha is a destination that combines sun and heat, so it’s good to avoid rainy periods.

The dry season in Noronha is from August to February. In the other months it is the rainy season, but the months that rain the most are May and June, so it is good to avoid this period. From mid-October to March is the season for strong waves,

So if you want to surf or see people surfing, it’s best to consider going between these months. And for those who want to enjoy calmer waters, with the cleanest sea and the best snorkeling, the best period is the months of August, September and October. Noronha’s underwater visibility is incredible,

As is the variety of marine life. The archipelago is even considered one of the best places in the world for scuba diving, with places that can reach more than 40 meters of visibility. Now look at all the incredible places you can visit there. The “Baía dos Porcos”

The beach of Cacimba do Padre and Morro Dois Irmãos. Sancho beach, which has been voted the best in the world multiple times. Conceição beach which has an incredible view of Morro do Pico. The “Cachorro” beach Porto beach, the best for snorkeling there.

The “Ponta do Air France”, which has an incredible view of the secondary islands and is one of the best places to see the sunrise in Noronha The Atalaia Beach. The Sueste beach. The “Meio’s Beach”. The “Caieira’s Beach” The “Leão” Beach. Boldró beach. And the viewpoint of Dois Irmãos.

For tours in Noronha we recommend @emnoronha. We did 3 tours with them, the Ilha Tour, which takes you around the island 360º, the Hawaiian Canoe Dawn and the Boat Sunset VIP. Another beach destination that really enchanted us was Ubatuba, on the coast of São Paulo.

Ubatuba has more than 100 beaches, for all tastes. The city has the nickname “Uba rain”, because it rains a lot in the region. The months with the least precipitation are the months between April and September, with April, May and September being the

Best months to get to know the city as the risk of rain is lower, the city is not as crowded and the temperature to go to the beaches tends to be be nice. There are so many beaches there that we couldn’t even go to 10% of them,

But the beaches we visited on our visit are linked. Itamambuca Beach. Praia do Estaleiro do Padre. Prumirim Beach. Felix Beach. North Red Beach. And Praia do Sununga where Gruta que Chora is located. We also did the tour of the 5 islands with @puravidatripss

That passes on the amazing island of Couves and on the island of Prumirim And another tour we did was the trail of the 7 beaches, where we met beaches like Bonete beach and Bonetinho beach. We are sure that we will still return to Ubatuba to discover other incredible beaches

And attractions that we have not yet seen. The ninth trip we recommend you take is to the most visited city in Brazil. We are talking about Rio de Janeiro. The wonderful city is perhaps the city in Brazil with the most options for things to do.

Of course, you can visit some classic attractions such as Christ the Redeemer, Sugar Loaf, , Escadaria Selarón, and the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema. But Rio is not limited to that, and there is much, much more to do. You can visit some historic and beautiful places like the Museum of the Republic,

The Municipal Theatre, the Royal Portuguese Language Office, the Colombo Confectionery, the Imperial Palace, the São Bento Monastery, and the National Library Foundation. You can discover incredible museums such as the CCBB, the Museum of Tomorrow, the Casa Museu Eva Kablin, the Museum of Modern Art, the Moreira Salles Institute

And the Espaço Cultural da Marinha. You can hike trails with surreal views such as Pedra do Telégrafo, Pedra Bonita, Pista Cláudio Coutinho, Pedra da Gávea. You can explore one of the largest urban forests in the world, the Tijuca Forest, which has waterfalls, caves and lots of greenery.

You can live an experience with Samba, at the Carnaval Experience, or in more traditional places like Pedra do Sal and Fundição Progresso. You can also discover other attractions that are not well known to tourists , such as Ilha da Gigoia, Prainha, Pedra do Pontal, Campo de Golf Olímpico, Fort Duque de Caxias

And the Pantanal Carioca. You can explore the most diverse beaches such as Praia do Perigoso, Praia de Grumari, Praia da Barra, Praia da Joatinga and Praia de Botafogo. And you can do some other classic tours like riding a bike on the edge of Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, visiting Maracanã, taking a paragliding flight

And discovering the incredible Botanical Gardens and Parque Lage. We will leave here in the description the contact of the companies that we made the paragliding flight and also some of the mentioned trails. And about the best time to visit, Rio is a destination that can be visited at any time of the year,

But the least rainy months are between May and November, in June and July you can even go to the beach, but it can also be cold. And to end the list, how about getting to know one of the 7 natural wonders of the world?

Visiting Foz do Iguaçu in Paraná, you have the opportunity to visit the Iguaçu Falls. The falls are one of the most impressive landscapes in the world. There are an average of 275 falls next to each other, which has an inexplicable energy.

You can visit the Falls from the Brazilian side and from the Argentinean side as well. We think that the 2 sides complement each other, with the falls in Brazil having a better frontal view of the falls, and the Argentine side having a very beautiful lateral view of the falls,

Like this wall here, full of them. Another cool thing to do there is the Macuco Safari, a tour that takes you by boat under one of the falls of the falls. In addition to the falls, in Foz do Iguaçú there are other very cool attractions, such as: Marco 3 Fronteiras, where there is

A beautiful sunset, dance presentations, and has a very cool scenographic setting. Parque das Aves, the only institution in the world focused on the conservation of birds in the Atlantic Forest, where you can see toucans, macaws, parakeets, which were rescued from abuse and animal trafficking. The mosque in Foz do Iguaçu.

The Chen Tien Buddhist Center. And the Itaipu Binacional Hydroelectric Plant, the largest in Brazil and one of the largest in the world. For those who want to go to Foz, and want an expert opinion, we recommend talking to Loumar. We closed all the tours with them and we approved a lot.

Let’s leave their contact details here. And if you want to help our project even more The collection of our T-shirt collection is already on sale. Each of the pieces tells a story of a destination we visited last year.

In addition, we made an e-book with everything you need to know in Florianópolis (in Portuguese only) It is on sale for only R$ 25.00 you. And that’s it guys, comment below which destination you want to visit in 2023, and also leave in the comments your recommendation of a destination

For us at Rolê Família to visit this year here in Brazil! And finally, for those who liked the video, liked the tips, already do those 3 things with C that everyone asks for, like, share and comment, and see you next time, scroll family, bye

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