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ecoturismo brasil:
Welcome to ecotourismo brazil here at ecotourism brazil we hope to help the public see the world through a new lens ecotourism brazil is our group’s response to the grand challenge question how long can earth sustain humanity we take on this question by addressing three sustainable development goals set by the un these

Three are climate action life on land and life underwater ecoturismo brazil will focus on the amazon rainforest and be located in brazil since 60 of the amazon rainforest is located within the borders of brazil ecoteurismo brazil decided to focus on the amazon rainforest because it is one of the most important

Ecosystems on the earth it contains many important resources including mahogany and rosewood also the amazon rainforest is a carbon sink and contains 10 of all biomass on earth if the amazon rainforest was cut down a lot of carbon dioxide would be released into the atmosphere the amazon rainforest also contains 20

Percent of the world’s fresh water within the amazon river and contains one third of the world’s known plant animal and insect species the amazon rainforest is one of the most diverse ecosystems on earth with over three million species living in the rainforest biodiverse ecosystems are extremely important because they help to keep the

Ecosystem healthy through processes like purifying water controlling outbreaks of disease and building fertile soil with the rate of deforestation increasing the biodiversity of the amazon rainforest is threatened which can impact the quality of functions provided by the environment biodiversity loss from habitat destruction has increased the rate of

Extinction up to a thousand times faster than what would occur naturally and as a result around 1 million species are facing extinction in fact in the last 50 years humans have managed to destroy 17 to 20 percent of amazon rainforest which has negatively impacted the biodiversity of the amazon

It is also important to note that the amazon rainforest produces around 20 of the earth’s oxygen and is often referred to as the lungs of the earth the destruction of the amazon rainforest would have detrimental effects on the planet and therefore it is the mission of ecoteresma brazil

To concentrate its efforts on saving this vital ecosystem however as stated before the amazon rainforest and its rich biodiversity is at risk due to human interaction deforestation the amazon rainforest is at an all-time high due to increasing pressures from factory farming and mining industries these industries pushing further into

The rainforest also means that toxic groundwater runoff is making its way into the amazon river basin increased climate change is also leading to more frequent region-wide forest fires which have already began reducing canopy heights and selecting for tall grasses at the forest’s edge leaning to a more savannah-like biome

One way people have tried to make less impact on the amazon and other endangered ecosystems is by engaging in eco-tourism having began in the 1970s the goal of ecotourism is to educate people on the world around them and inspire them to be more environmentally conscious the three main principles of ecotourism are threefold

To bring revenue to local cultures and sustainability practices to provide educational natural experiences and to involve local cultures in this process eco-tourism is not a perfect system however often being run by foreign tourism companies which are all looking for ways to profit instead of be more environmentally sound

That is why our group intends to come up with a virtual solution that will fulfill all three principles of eco-tourism ecotourism brazil looks to have numerous positive impacts including minimal impacts on the environment preventing over tourism and build cultural and environmental awareness currently more than five percent of the

World’s global greenhouse gas emissions are caused by tourism according to the world counts our project looks to lower this number by removing the needs to travel to these places additionally we are also preventing over tourism which has caused drastic damage to areas around the world these damages include trampling of

Native vegetation soil erosion coral reef destruction from bone anchors and noises that frighten to local wildlife lastly we are helping bring cultural and awareness to our location and reducing the need for cultures to change to western ways currently many travel destinations are changing their cultures to fit what the travelers want to see

And to make them feel more comfortable these changes include building fast food places adding new gift shops and building large extravagant hotels that don’t fit the area with our tour we look to preserve the natural culture and people around without the need to change to these western ways

Lastly with all these numerous positive impacts we may have a negative impact as well which is job loss as tourism accounts to one of every 11 jobs globally if our eco-tourism expands it may start to hinder on these jobs however since we are not changing any tourist plans or restricting people from

Visiting this area we are in fact creating more jobs specific to our tour we only want to provide a more sustainable option for people as well as for anyone who may not be able to visit brazil eco-tourism brazil will not only be an ecotourism organization but also a local partner

Multiple studies have shown that local peoples have favorable views of ecotourism and its economic benefits when the following three requirements are met one reduction of waste to preservation and education about local culture and natural resources and three communication and participation between local communities and ecotourism officials those three guidelines have been taken

Into thought and have been implemented into the organization of ecotourism brazil for example employment employment will be offered to local participants whether that is through jobs as tour guides participating in the board of directors or other employment gaps needed by the program uh for example board of directors board

Of directors will allow for active participation by the community along with a transparent chain of command the board of directors will have responsibilities such as employment management tour curriculum community outreach and creative control and just to show how we’re really aiming for clear communication between the local communities and the equal

Division programs half of the board of directors is going to be elected by local communities and the other half is elected by equatorial brazil program um and like in order for a new motion to be passed a simple majority will be needed for one exception if one elected half has voted 90

Against the motion the motion will not be passed and this is a safety measure to ensure compromise within the ecotourism brazil program the next really important thing is here is waste reduction in waste management and this is going to be done by having our virtual tourists which are robotic

Cameras with a 360 degree gyroscopic view that allows tourists from around the world to tune in via zoom or whatever other program and see what is going on around them in the environment in brazil uh these virtual tourists prevents the large impacts and negative consequences of having large groups of actual tourists

Like 20 to 30 people trampling through the rainforest but instead having one to three robots remotely functioned by the program and just following tour guides along a simple path and finally to her curriculum as i mentioned before will be set up by the board of directors

But will have a focus on the following subjects local culture natural resources conservation efforts and biodiversity uh the curriculum specifics will be approved by the board of directors and tours will typically have a focus on the two or two three of the priorly listed subjects following two slides will answer the question is

Eco thurismo brazil viable or not pie chart to the left shows some of the opening costs not included in the pie chart are the virtual tourists the cost of green energy to support them and the employee cost and setup another financial cost that will be added in is the

Advertisement cost which will be factored in with big tech companies based on our company’s revenue and finally you need to consider the cost to the environment by this project being fulfilled now let’s talk about revenue and overall viability about 21 of foreign tourists that come to brazil plan on doing an eco-tourism

Experience while they’re visiting there are around 100 competing businesses of similar formats to our business in brazil using the percentage and the competing business numbers we can estimate around 20 000 visitors to our specific pro business per year if our experience is priced at 500 brl per experience the revenue would far

Surpass the cost this isn’t even including the environmental benefits that would accrue due to our project you

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