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Minha maior aventura até hoje: viajei para a Floresta Amazônica! (travel journal e vlog)


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That was quite an adventure. I’m back after a short break because my sister and I were just finishing writing our book: “Creative Awakening”. Which, if all goes well, will be released in October. So… We’re very excited, stay tuned! But let’s get to what matters: here and now.

This Travel Journal video is both to show you how I recorded my trip, maybe inspire you to create as well, and to actually show what this adventure was and, who knows, make you want to travel to the Amazon. This was the second edition of the Femingos Expedition,

Which is a partnership I make with a travel agency called Welcome Trips, here in Curitiba, in which we simply invite you, people who watch me, to travel with me and my sister and we just had a lot of fun connecting, connecting with nature and generally speaking, it’s about being inspired.

So I found this book in an used book store. It’s the most beautiful thing, its cover is very beautiful. it was there, abandoned. And best of all is the name: “Chamado da Selva” (“Jungle Call”) When I saw this book I knew. It’s perfect for our travel journal.

So I crossed this out and put my name onit, after all it’s being modified and now it will tell the story of our adventure! This story begins in Paraná, but also in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul and the Federal District.

And it will end up in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. here we have the postcard I made for this trip, so for each trip, my idea is to always make an exclusive one. It was the best freebie ever: this hat was made for every traveler and it’s just perfect!

Get ready because you will see this hat a lot in all the photos and videos. Next… This is a page dedicated to explorers, to our travelers, who took on this adventure. We were 13 in total. And, if I’m not mistaken, this photo was on the last day.

We finally managed to take a picture where everyone had the hat on and this picture was perfect! Everyone is trying to look mean, that’s because we are serious travelers… ok? Respect us. So here’s a sticker I made for the expedition and opening it, we’ll find a map

Of where each traveler came from. So I marked the states and where we went, which is Manaus. So I always like to write down important things, like: main places we went, I put on this card. And in this little paper here I put how many travelers they were, our two amazing guides,

And that we met a lot of dear people along the way because this is real and I wanted to remember that feeling and behind it there’s everyone’s name. So pulling here there’s already a photo of the first tour, which we went to a museum, the Amazon Forest Museum, the MUSA.

And this is the first photo of many where we were pretending to be explorers. and behind here there’s the muse in the MUSA, Sorry! So apart from the tower where we climbed 242 steps, that day was pretty chill.

It was the first, so we were waiting for the other travelers to arrive too, because Juan and Camila were still missing. We had dinner there, went by very quickly in front of Manaus’ main theater, which is very famous, but our goal was not to stay in urban centers

And be in any agglomeration, it was to be as separate, as safe as possible. So now let’s go to the second day. So right after breakfast we went to the port to take the boat and start our long journey to our inn, which is way in the middle of the forest.

And as our guide told us, he said that: “It’s only after you pass there, through the meeting of the waters, that you actually enter Brazil”. He was trying to say that Manaus is a capital, it’s an urban center, and Brazil, Brazil, really, starts there and the reality is different.

I was, like, very, very impressed. I think that something that always moves me a lot is seeing the reality of other people. It’s seeing different lifestyles, such as the ‘ribeirinhos’ community, people who literally live on the river, in houses on stilts, in houses that are literally suspended over the water.

And it’s a totally different lifestyle, we’re not used to it. Our country is so, so big that we don’t know this other culture that is literally inside ours. In this scene here, in particular, it was a weekday and there were children jumping in the river because the day was very hot,

So that was very, very inspiring, besides actually getting to know the nature that is so talked about, and seeing with my own eyes how magical that was, is to know more about Brazil. The real Brazil.

Brazil, which is not just capitals in urban centers, which is what I have always known, where I have always lived. It’s a totally different thing. I think that’s what makes our country so amazing! And we don’t know how to value it because we don’t even know it.

So these pages here are entirely dedicated to the tribe we visited. It was our first boat stop and it was truly unforgettable. This here is one of the biggest floods that ever happened on the river, we are in Rio Negro. Look at this, look at the height!

But the indigenous people didn’t want to leave, because this is their village, it’s their river. So they’ve super adapted and are living here. Indigenous peoples were the first to be vaccinated, which is super important! So that’s why we’re here, or we wouldn’t come. And it’s amazing to see the way they live,

Because it’s sustainable. It’s naturally sustainable because they’re self-sufficient, and it’s really, really, really inspiring! This is the most beautiful thing in the world! Who will be brave? Roasted ant! It is good? – Did you like it? – I found it interesting! – Look at the size! – Wher… My Gosh!

– Chips! – Is it? Good? – Popcorn! – Yeah, our sweat… – Sweat. – Got the signal? – We got it… there! – Card in the jungle! – It worked, guys! Of course we bought handmade objects, mine are already on the wall.

This one was supposed to be a pot rest, but I already knew I wanted to put it on my wall, and the other one is a mini dream filter that was an earring, but I also knew it was going to be used for decoration. And I just wanna say one thing, folks:

No rights less for indigenous peoples! We need to protect our people, they protect our forests and that way they are helping everyone, literally protecting our planet. One of the most amazing things in my life so far was: holding a sloth!

They are so cute! It’s like a kitten, only a thousand times more affectionate and calm. Just to be super clear: these animals are not trapped. neither the sloth nor the macaw, which we can see in indigenous tribes. They are loose in nature but they are pets, so that’s why they were there!

This photo Renata took is perfect. It captured my feeling perfectly. We’re looking at each other… The sloth looked at me! And my heart just wanted to explode with happiness. I haven’t even talked about the best part yet! I think Murilo was holding a bigger sloth and when I looked closely…

There was a baby, a baby sloth on its mother’s lap! All hugging!!! I didn’t think it could get any better, so I looked at that tiny face. Seriously, it didn’t feel real. And they’re really slow and it’s really funny! And they are always smiling. Continuing…

We had lunch at a restaurant called ‘Rainha da Selva’ (Jungle’s Queen) which was very, very tasty. I tasted ‘cupuaçu’ juice and found it delicious. This part of the trip, this route of this final stretch to get to the inn…

Because we take the boat, we go to the other port and then we took a bus and then we took another boat to get to the inn . Talking like that sounds like a lot, you know? It looks tiring. But when you’re in the middle of the Amazon rainforest… Everything is beautiful!

So now I need you to focus. I put the music that I thought could most convey the feeling I had at the time, for you. And I’m going to leave here a small excerpt of what was this route, sitting on the tip of the boat.

Everything there is gigantic! Like… the sky. The sky is huge! And it always was, except I live in a city. I look up and there are houses and buildings. But there you just see, like, vastness. Nature. Life. You look to the side: water, water, water. Tree, tree, tree. Everything is huge, you know?

And it feels really cool to know your size. Know how small we are and how good it is! Because we are not the center of the world, we are just a tiny thing. I don’t know, I think it even gives a feeling of relief, “Wow, I’m part of something bigger”, you know?

“I’m not alone.” And “I could be swallowed by this forest at any time, I better enjoy life.” That feeling. So, continuing, here I put this little card to remember the name of the inn. the Expedition… This was room 21, the piranha’s room.

We made fun of it in the (Instagram) stories, so I marked it here. This photo here was one of my favorites of the trip, it is really for us to stop and think. Because it’s an abandoned house ‘cause the water has risen a lot. And there’s beauty in that photo.

Like, the water is reflecting perfectly. The composition is beautiful, but there’s also a level of danger there, which is simply nature taking back what’s hers. So… To think of it! On this page here, the best coincidence of all happened!

First I glued this photo here from our expedition, in our survival class in the Amazon rainforest. We stayed in the forest for three hours on a beautiful morning, learning how to make a fire, how to make shelter,

Where to find water, where to find… or rather, learning that you will not find food easily in the Amazon rainforest! This kind of thing. So I glued our photo here, all beautiful, and when I passed it to the side there was this photo here in the book.

Which is written: “On the painful march to the forest…” and then I crossed it out and put “Amazônica” (Amazon). “the habitat”, I crossed out, “of the jaguar”. In other words, it represents our own painful march through the forest. Another photo where we are looking around like true adventurers.

I’m sure that’s how professionals do it. And here’s a photo of Nati, which I thought was the cutest, I had to put it here. Our guide, he made a wreath while we were walking, he was talking and making it, braiding that leaf.

And he made this beautiful crown and gave it to Nati for her punctuality. Then she was crowned the Princess of Punctuality. I found it a fabulous way to teach all of us a lesson in being more punctual. And what can I say about the Forest? Literally go into the jungle, that’s it, folks!

– I’m Taina, got it? I’m feeling like Taina herself. – Hold the vine and go here, look! – Oh, good! – Cute! – Prepared for survival in the wild? We’re taking a survival class in the Amazon rainforest, and it looks like we’re living in “Survivor”!

– Do you think you’ll win, Rafa? – I’m sure I’ll win. – Confident! – It’s about that! -Confidence comes first, right? – Oh no, if you don’t believe in you, who will you believe in? – True. – That was beautiful.

Unfortunately, after that walk, I think it was after lunch, I started to feel really bad. I felt like my blood pressure had dropped. I just got really sick. And the next tour was by boat. Yay. So I couldn’t go.

A thing I’m going to put here even though I’m not in it, because it’s a phenomenal image. It’s a sunset with a storm, which they saw, and it feels like something straight out of Stranger Things. And they agreed not to talk about how nice it had been to not make me sad.

And that was really cute! This is to show how, like, in a few days we can become a family. And that’s really crazy, it’s really one thing, like, we take care of each other, you know? That was really, really, really, really, really sweet of them, because I really would have gotten sad.

But then, over the days, they would spill the details and say: “Oh yeah, we agreed not to tell you”. And it was really cute. Very very cute! And we got to know something very local, traditional and important, which are the flour houses. So we were really in the field of local residents.

Then our guide explained to us the process of how to transform cassava into flour, because this is the basis of food in the region. Still in this same yard, in this same land, we saw, then, a lot of plantations,

Things that are being done. I learned about the foods that are in the region or not, and the craziest thing in my life was taking a green leaf, Carla gave me this leaf and said: “See? This smells like roast chicken, I said so! Everyone thought I was crazy!”

And I’m like, “What? Give me that!” I smelled it. That leaf smelled like a full meal! Like, a dinner. It reminded me a lot of The Fantastic Chocolate Factory, when they have that gum that is a whole meal. That leaf had the smell of a ready-made meal.

Then he explained that this is a garlic vine. It is used for seasoning. Then I thought “Um, garlic. It makes sense. That’s why it smells like that.” Another thing we saw there was Brazil nuts, which one of our guides made a fool out of us,

And they wanted poor Lea, who was our volunteer, to keep trying to open the chestnut with a machete, or rather: that coconut in which the seeds are inside, which is the Brazil nut. and it is very hard! And that was for them to show that, look,

Food will be right on your side in the forest. And if you don’t have a machete, you will starve to death. Because we can’t open it. But the agouti, which is a rodent, manages. “How can the agouti manage to eat a thing like this?” “This pet is naughty, huh?”

“Pet is kind of devil, right?” So we had this moment, Brazil nuts for everyone, “Take nuts, take nuts”. Machete, tchatchatchah. Again, this trip was a lot about: I need to have a machete. Period. A machete does everything in a person’s life. At least in the forest. And there we also found annatto!

So there was a tree, and we started to open it and play. That’s why we have a picture here of our Amazonian Harry (Potter) And Lea and Tainá using as lipstick. Suddenly it was in everyone’s face, it was really funny. I brought it, I have one here, dry. It’s already dried then.

So it has these little seeds on the inside that give this pigment, which is what the indigenous people use to paint. And there are people who use it to make ink, it is also used to make makeup, in several companies. It’s a very strong, very powerful red pigment.

And the night of camping in the forest came. Honestly, I saw it written in the script, like, “Overnight in the forest”, but I imagined something like, “Oh, it’s going to be a backyard, it’s going to be beside the inn”. Hm… nnn-no. We took a boat and went into the forest.

And that was an experience that is very well documented. Watch our version of “Survivor”: – “Survivor”! You can settle down, make yourself comfortable. That’s it! – How do you feel, about to spend the night here? – At home! Like, very similar to what I’m used to.

Well, I think… I will win this race! – How do you think it’s going to be tonight, dear? – Well, depending on my group, it will be amazing. And now we have to decide who lives and who dies. – I think she just killed you over there.

– Oh, guys, didn’t you understand that we just entered, there, at the entrance, in a horror movie? In horror films the first three die. – It is true. And are you going to select who has to go? – I have the profile selected here, already.

Only you who will be watching there, in the end, will see who is going to die. It’s clear, so clear for those watching! – How do you think it’s going to be tonight, Lea? – I think it’s going to be a pleasant, peaceful night, everything calm, stress-free, without…

Here… great. A night in the jungle like any other. I think so. – She and Stephanie are two opposites. – Opposites! I was like… – Are you guys in the same place? – She didn’t tell you who’s going to die? – Have you found the first one?

– Anne, do you think it will be chill to sleep in the jungle? – Oh, super! All day! It looks like the backyard of my house, this one. – I loved the confidence. – But how do you think it will be tonight, dear?

– I think that since I’m in the leader’s group, we’ll win, there’s no other option. – I think you’re being coerced, is it true? – No! – Nobody in my group is a murderer, see? We are competitive, but nobody kills anybody.

– Look, I want to stay in Lea’s group because she has a machete. – That doesn’t work. – Poor tree, I’m sorry. – Ah, the vegan! Look at the vegan. – Clearly she’s going when it’s the closest to finish. – It’s left… Look, let’s see how much it’s left, ok?

– Fernanda, go a diagonal and then a straight one. – Do you really think I’ll make it? – I do not think so. – Fernanda is ridiculous, man! – Oh! – Hey there! – Only the diagonal was missing. – This is the vegetarian, right?

– And look at his and look at ours. – Yup! As the environmentalist that I am, I need to clarify what is going on here. So for us to camp, we first needed to clear the land, make room to actually put up the tent.

But the only reason these trees are being cut down is because it’s a very small space that’s going to be a new campsite. Then the guides will take other groups there, several times. It will be reused. But it was the first time it had been used there in a long time,

So it turned out that our group picked up the whole process of setting up camp. From the very beginning. Just to be clear. It’s important to have context, because me timbering a tree without context is the last thing I want loose on the internet.

– The first one to die is here. – Don’t pull him! – In the middle of the Amazon forest… Camila, explain yourself. – Explain yourself! – This is the candidate who dies. – Guys… – I’m doing all this to save, to take care of his life!

– And you’re in my group! – The best is, like: look at this and now look at the rest, around this girl. – His name is Fred. – You’re putting his life in danger! – No, but then he would stay there, alone? – Very good, I loved it.

– I have a really good excuse. – Which? – There’s a gun in there. – It’s the only option. – Does he snore and scare off the other animals? – Is he a repellent?! – Is not it. It’s because, like… I have a back problem…

– Oh, that was a good excuse, actually. We’ll buy that. – Were you expecting this when you agreed to come on this expedition? Were you prepared? – I was expecting it, but prepared, I’m not so sure. – Look, I was more prepared for this

Than for the teddy bear I saw here. This shocked me. I’m worried about that. – Are you still confident? – Super. – The time goes by and Lea is already beginning to doubt. – Confidence is slowly dying, right? – No, no… – Still strong? – Strong, strong…

– No, I’m staying strong. It’s not because a teddy bear they’re going to knock me down. – She used a backpack. – Safe and sound! – Renata, are you feeling confident for tonight? – Overconfident. – Wow, without hesitation! Juan was never interviewed because he literally worked all the time.

But if I were to guess what he would say, it would probably be something like, “This is chill and life is a hobby.” – It’s just that no leader does that. – A leader does this? – One of the leaders. – Leaders don’t work, is that it?

– Yes, do this. Look at Amanda, too, look. That’s right. – Got it, Stephanie. How beautiful this is, Brazil is seeing it. – Have you ever seen a Pharaoh working to build a pyramid? – Are you a god too, like the pharaohs? – Yes, pretty much.

– As the leader said there would be some sacrifices… So… we’re here, right. If we don’t come back, we didn’t come back, and… we lost. – Patience… – We lost, it’s about that. – We just want to get out of here alive, right. – Yeah…

– But then, if you have to sacrifice someone, we can do the dynamic like this: – In order of size, who is smaller and will… – I already liked this candidate, – He’s willing… – Damn, he’s very much into your vibe,

Like… But he said to sacrifice by height, huh. How tall are you? – As the very urban person that I am, it will be a challenge. But I’m extremely prepared and 99% confident. This is our dinner, not just the food here, but the table and the tablecloth and everything else!

The meat was roasted over the fire, the pineapple cut here and all of it cut here. The candle, the candle holder. – Is anyone hungry? – I am! – Me! – Everyone! – Rafa, was it worth it to come here just to eat? – It was!

– I can even say that the dinner was more… let’s say… laborious? – Yup. – But also the most rewarding, too, right? – Certainly. The most dedicated, right? – Absolutely. The dedication involved here… Not only the food, right, but all the gadgets were made here in the middle of the jungle.

– Start the feast, folks. – Wow, it’s delicious! – Oh, good! – Wow, very good. And the stools that left the boat and came here. – I can’t believe it, it was very good! – Fluorescent luminaire. – Uum, psychedelic! From Imaginarium.

– Very good! Guys, to understand: this is a cell phone with a flashlight and a bottle of water on top. Then it turns into a lamp. – Thank you for participating, Rafael! – It was beautiful! – Good luck! – Your family is waiting outside!

For you to have the full experience, here’s a little bit of the sounds of the forest at bedtime. I was fascinated by this whole process of setting up a camp, setting up a campfire shelter, setting up a campfire, setting up a table!

Do you realize he made a table by hand with trees that he just picked up, like, there? And he made a table. A strong table, a very good solid table. And normally the tent cover would also be made of palm trees,

But with plastic it saves not having to cut down so many trees and it also saves time. I put here, then, behind the photo, a ‘little card’. I liked making this frame for this photo because I felt it looked like those expedition photos.

Back in that movie, Atlantis, they had a picture of their trip. And that always caught my attention, so this is my version of that photo. Of course I had to register the fact that this was one of the best meals of the trip. For me, at least, for sure. It was delicious.

On this page here is a picture that was of the path to the camp, So this house here was very imprinted in my memory, that the guide said: “This is the last house, from here on it’s just forest”. So we wouldn’t see more houses, more people.

And I put it with an articulated holder here so you can spin around and see what a water mirror actually looked like. Look how perfectly it reflects the image. And we went to visit the ‘igapós’, that is, flooded forest areas. And I don’t know if you can visualize that those are treetops, folks.

Treetops! That is, normally those would go up there, but because of the flood we pass by boat on the side. It’s wonderful, phenomenal. I put here a picture of Chico, he is a very, very special person. Wow, he was so funny and the people are what makes a place so magical too.

So it was really cool to have both Chico and Matias as guides, they’re amazing people. Here is the view at Chico’s house, because we went diving in the river in front of his house. And that was the view, very basic.

I put a picture of Carla here, here I am, here me and Amanda. The morning of the last day, after we got back from camp, started with crafts. And we got really excited and spent a lot of time doing it, because after all, it’s a creative group.

– TI made this… Just kidding! – Liar! – This is my gift! – Look how beautiful! – And my work, which you have to see quickly, like this. – Oh, perfect. – My shaker, here we have others working.

Now it’s time to get on that boat with us, and actually see what it was all about on video. – Did anyone get goosebumps too? That cloud looks like a little elephant. At that time we were trying to find pink river dolphins (Amazon dolphins)

And it was very difficult, they didn’t show up for us. – I saw! – A boto? – There’s the boto! – My Gosh! – THREE! – MY GOSH! – YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! – THERE’S THREE, THERE’S THREE! – I DON’T HAVE MY GLASSES! I had no idea I had recorded this.

Anyway, we got to see three pink river dolphins. I saw them a little less, they saw it in HD. I saw it at a lower resolution because I was clearly without my glasses, but it was beautiful, because imagine: sunset, when we finally saw the Amazon dolphins clearly, there were three.

Clarity, guys, I mean in the water like this, ok? Like, you see the top part, but anyway, it was really magical, like… Ah, now an important part: night fell, beautiful. When we think the adventure is over: This is one of the species most hunted by ‘ribeirinhos’ to eat.

It lives 68 years, on average, grows three meters in length. Guys, look at the face! Aww, sympathy! There’s a lot of stuff, a lot of stars, you can even see kind of nebulae in parts where it’s more… it’s whitish, like, it’s not a cloud, those are stars. Like, it’s surreal!

This is one of my favorite photos from the trip, it’s from our guide Matias and I was very happy that he liked this photo too. Another very special person who came our way. He has a very different life experience, as a former army member.

So he had a lot of knowledge about that forest. And so our adventure came to an end. it’s a story of connecting with nature, friendship and challenges being overcome. And an epic search for Amazon dolphins. It was magical!

We agreed in this photo here that Rafael was going to Photoshop a pink dolphin going over us, since we clearly couldn’t see a pink dolphin. And even I think it’s very funny that, in this photo, Murilo is reaching out

Because he wanted to do that kind of thing… is ‘Free Willy’ the name? I think so. I put a dolphin here for him, but it’s supposed to be a pink river dolphin. We ended up with the most insane page ever. Perfect, I think it sets the tone for the trip!

And that was our great and beautiful adventure! So now pay close attention: If you want to make this same trip, with this same itinerary that we did here, but with your friends or family, or anyway, with the group you organize,

I have a partnership with Welcome Trips. So there’s our script, signed by me, on sale. In other words: you saw it, you got interested? Just enter the link below and you can buy this trip.

I just want to make it very clear, for the sake of transparency, that I earn a commission for the sale. But if your dream is to go on a Femingos Expedition or you don’t have company to travel, you want to be part of this wonderful group of people,

I’ll leave another link here, that you have to register your email to receive the news of when we are announcing the next expedition. Every time is a different destination. We first send it to people who have been on other expeditions,

But then we open it to everyone, whoever wants it only has to be over 18 years old. So, anyway, keep an eye out! I hope to find you there along the way, along the paths of the world. And I’m going to spend the rest of my life saying this: Visit the Amazon!

Travel to the Amazon! I know it’s not one of the cheapest trips, but it’s well worth it. It’s a tourism that… I was shocked that only 1% of tourism in the Amazon is from Brazilians. One percent, guys! We need to know our country, our people, our different cultures.

So I hope that, from my heart, you felt called, called to visit the Amazon one day. It’s really, really worth it! Anyway, see you guys in the next video, always talking about art, creativity, design and related stuff! A kiss and until next time! A special thank you to our explorers at the time:

You are in our hearts! And the best thing about the trip is not registered here, which are the conversations, the nights playing, us singing Disney along the way all the time, which was absolutely unplanned. But now “Pé na Estrada” from the movie “Brother Bear” is the official song of our expeditions.

And if you want to see more of this trip, you can go to my Instagram, in the highlights, @Femingos. I’ll give you an overview of what it’s like to be in the water with us. Lots of mosquitoes!

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