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Hi, everyone. Today I have this hat to suit myself to the topic of the conversation. Let’s talk a little bit about the soap opera Pantanal and all the damage it’s causing to my family life. Eleonora, my wife, is totally involved with this soap opera. She’s practically possessed by this demo…

Imp soap opera, we say imp now. It’s so annoying. I wanted to make an appeal to speed up the end of the plot because it really must be harming other homes too, not only mine, it’s a public health issue. My wife, for example, now only says “ar”, everything has “ar”.

“Ar, let’s take the kids to school. Ar, it’s time for breakfast.” Why is she talking like that, guys? I’m almost saying: “Air, go f…” Go… right? It tests our patience. The other day, she stopped the car on the side of the Marginal

And thought that she and I had to bathe naked in the river. It’s just it was the Tietê River, right? I don’t know if people who are not from São Paulo know it, but it is one of the stinkiest rivers in the world.

For you to have an idea, every person who drives by this river has to say right away: “Wow, that river stinks, right?” so people don’t think you farted in the car. Stinky. I think that if a person puts a foot into the Tietê River, they will come out with diseases until 2024.

I know it was a total embarrassment. I was trying to hold Eleonora, who wanted to take off all her clothes, and then the police arrived, it was a horror. Eleonora became a beast. It’s not a force of expression, no. She did become one. She kept doing. To the cops.

Because she was thinking she was Juma Marruá. Look, it’s been a while since I’ve been this embarrassed in my life. I know that in order to adapt to this Pantanal mood, here at home I’m playing the mute. I don’t say anything to avoid conflicts.

In fact, I’m playing the mute, the blind and the deaf. To be able to have peace. The only positive thing about this whole story is that Eleonora felt a little more attracted to me because she thinks I look like the Velho do Rio.

So, at the end of every chapter, there’s always a little joy.

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