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How much does a trip to Noronha cost to travel to Noronha spending little I’ll explain everything in this video I think it was the most requested video there since my return from Fernando de Noronha

I’m going to give you a spoiler there’s a way you can travel saving a lot so something from video I will leave some images of Noronha showing you and I will explain everything that the famous TPA is

What fees do you have to pay how much the tours cost, food prices and everything else remember that here in the cards above throughout the video you you will be able to check from the itinerary restaurant

Bars prices Pousada everything for you to travel to Noronha without mistake without making a mistake And saving a lot regardless if you are going to stay at the hotel in an inn because it doesn’t have a hotel a

Good inn or in a inn a little more humble or face I’ll explain everything in this video if you still don’t know me I’m a journalist and creator Hi Dona Ideias Álvaro Fernandes so subscribe to the channel activate

Notifications and also run on Instagram because there are always good tips on Instagram Beauty so let’s get straight to the point Noronha always has this taboo it’s expensive it’s cheap no it’s not a cheap trip even if you save you’re not free from several fees and several things that need

To be paid the first of them is Pepê the environmental preservation fee You will need to pay 87 reais a day and it will decrease little by little I paid r$ 350 I tried four cents because I stayed four days without this fee you cannot enter Noronha you have to do the

Advance payment with credit card pics debit card and present it there at the time it can be by your smartphone or it can be printed it will show you when you arrive and guitar and they

Will give the approval and you are free to enter the beach but what a beach the open beaches of the middle dog and also of Conceição if you want to go to another beach you will have to pay

Once more what a fee is this is the semibil fee these beaches are not the bertas so metals in Noronha thirty percent of Noronha it is open to the public you can enter without paying you have already

Paid the fee previously And these beaches you need to pay like this is the bay of pigs Praia dos Anjos two brothers all these places Sweden too You will need to pay and this fee is 330 reais for foreigners or 165 half for Brazilians and with it you will be able to enter

The beaches you can pay there where they will explain to you For sure at the entrance or you can for what you will win this Visitor card here is valid for ten days Remembering

That children under 12 years old or people over 60 years old do not pay and whoever is a resident of the Island can also warn their relative friend that they will not pay either .

You will enter with this card in the beaches Sueste Sancho you will present it because there will be someone there beeping for you to enter That is, you will have to pay these fees if you stay longer you

Will pay an extra per day not to mention the prices that are a little expensive Supermarket you can take a look here there are some tours that are relatively affordable compared to Noronha and also the inn does not have a role on the island and the inns are expensive compared to other

Things but Remembering that because it is a whole logistics, it is very difficult to enter food to enter construction material for inns etc and that is why the prices are higher I brought here I will also put on the screen the price of some tours on average 250 reais for the

Ilhatur that I think is essential to get to know all the Islands 250 for the boat trip and 250 also for the Hawaiian Canoe that I did which is very worthwhile remembering what I did when

Calculating how much I would spend on this trip how much I spent when you can afford to take a cheaper trip So let’s go straight to the values ​​that I know you like If you go alone you

Can stay at the hostel which starts at 638 reais for four ro days if you go as a couple I found a cheaper hostel for 950 reais for four days you divide the 275 including the two outfits

It will give 516 also including the tours right two patients that I put William tu and Canoa Havaiana that will give more 500 and also the tickets the obligatory ticket I can find for one thousand and one hundred That was how much I paid directly from Congonhas to Fernando de Noronha approximately 3:40

On no Azul flight and I also enjoyed 300 reais of food more or less 70 90 per day already including water you need to buy, among other things, beauty so for one person it only came out 3054 if you go

With more than one person it was a couple it will come out 2891 for four days so this price is very low you can even do it a little cheaper but then you will take one little comfort is what I always

Say it’s the first time and maybe the only time you’ll travel to Fernando de Noronha because it’s a more expensive place different for example from Recife and the Northeast all of Salvador you can travel air and

You can pay well-priced prices already eurone a beer not low I liked it at five r$ 30 so you won’t drink a lot a soda is also expensive so make the most of it if you want to save save but make the most of it Now some extra tips Noronha it is

Outside the mainland so it is a little different the weather where it rains more is May and the beginning of June I went in June on Valentine’s Day June twelfth and on that date it didn’t rain it rains much less than, for example, the capital of Pernambuco Recife So you can plan for

Low season and you will get very good weather too and you will be able to save a lot on the prices That you can check on the card above also don’t have in the lower video here in the description are prices updated in the first half of 2022 Remembering that it’s

The pandemic, that is, prices are already readjusted and probably in the next few years they won’t suffer a very big readjustment, it’s possible until there’s a readjustment down a little bit because the prices are very fractionated, for example a Coca Cola you can find from 19 to 20 reais in the supermarket

If 2 liters of water I managed to find it cheaper for 8:59 of 1.5 So the prices are very expensive But you can save another tip to save money if you want to take a sisnec chips peanuts

Bubble gum you can put everything in your suitcase put your suitcase there a little more calmly and avoid In my opinion take the most expensive hotels take a look at the book on hotels.com trivago.com because many

Hotels of these top hotels or top inns end up not having such a nice reference so you will pay very expensive three four five thousand daily for you probably not to stay in the hotel and to be

Interested in the high price Remembering that in Maldives for example you can get a hotel r$ 4000 all inclusive in Cancún for r$ 2000 you can get all inclusive So you’ll take it in

Noronha for 56 thousand to spend the whole day out on the beach So think about it but if you want too n it’s open here we tell the truth so all the prices are there in the videos and these

Are the prices you get for my trip It came out around three thousand two hundred per person that is with a plane with all the meals with all the tours with everything is a relatively

More expensive trip because with 3,200 I have already shown it several times, taking the ticket, you spend ten days in Portugal, for example, but for Fernando de Noronha, they are beautiful, magnificent beaches, it is really worth it. I’ll

Answer you took a look at the video of the prices of a look at the complete script because I tried Hello everything from the Island to show you and for those who don’t want to go to Noronha that think

They are expensive prices I’ve seen people saying they spend 15 20 30 thousand is what I always say right You can spend infinity and you can drink the most expensive teeth staying in more expensive accommodations there you can easily get it without making any effort tar 50,000 on the weekend has

Tolls of 10,000 a day with the best bungalow rooms but that way you want to invest that money or do you prefer to take that money take another trip and enjoy the beaches Why express beautiful without buildings around and with nature always on display So

Fernando de Noronha is really worth my tip today with all the prices beauty subscribe to the channel and activate the notifications so you don’t miss anything I’ll meet you in other videos and who knows

In Noronha and say that if you it was that one spent more Thought it was more the value because I want to know too, right because I’m curious Beauty I’m getting a hug and until next time thanks I went And then And then

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